Our 6-step commitment

Guest Engagement

Optimizing the process and solving problems that our clients may have with the resources offered by our hotels.

Food and Beverage

Minimizing as much as possible, the consumption of single-use plastics, such as in coffee and water bottle packaging.

Natural areas

Maximizing the development of green areas and native species in our hotels, encouraging the growth of native flora and avoiding the use of pesticides. 


Installation, support and optimization of energy resources used by hotels through the use of home automation. 

Local product & KM O

We are committed to fresh and local products, supporting and promoting the consumption of Balearic products.

Our Balearic Culture

Visiting Mallorca is synonymous with enjoying a fully Mediterranean experience, where the balance of resources and the 3 R’s (Reduce, Recycle and Reuse) are key to enjoying our wonderful island.